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A tragic event draws a group of troubled people together, bonded by their shared pasts and dirty secrets. However, one by one they are visited by a demonic entity known as the Look-See, which forces them to confront their grief and trauma, or suffer a gruesome fate...

Released: 2017-07-21
Runtime: 5 minutes
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 5
Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Drama, Crime
Keywords: Adultery, Depression, Suicide, Monster, Magic, Marriage Crisis, Poison, Servant, Countdown, Supernatural, Surreal, Black Magic, Gore, Wedding Ring, Horror, Romance, Grief, Murder, Decapitation, Serial Killer, Crime Scene, Blood, Hospital, Internet, Photograph, Relationship, Violence, Demon, Mental Illness, Dismemberment, Ghost, Mysterious Stranger, Dismembered Body, Gruesome, Acceptance, Crime Scene Cleaner, Time Limit, Demonic
Actors: Belinda Gosbee, Sean Brison, Tommy Dively, Gwen Carole, Jeremiah Hahn, Jasmine Reid