Watch The Challenge Season 2


We start off with six ex-Real Worlders and six ex-Road Rulers being led into a baseball stadium blindfolded. We then see a limo being followed by a armored truck. Inside the limo is this year's Mr. Big - David from the Real World Los Angeles. We are introduced to our teams- Real World Beth from Real World Los Angeles Neil from Real World London Jason from Real World Boston Montana from Real World Boston Janet from Real World Seattle Nathan from Real World Seattle Road Rules Mark from Road Rules 1 Kayle from Road Rules Islands Kefla from Road Rules Australia Anne from Road Rules Northern Trail Roni from Road Rules Northern Trail Noah from Road Rules Northern Trail From his limo, David is patched over the PA system in the stadium. He tells the players that they can take off their blindfolds and they have to look for the gold dollar. A helecopter flys over with a bag and drops thousands of fake money with David's picture on it.