Watch Naruto Season 2

While Ebisu trains Naruto at a hotspring, he spots someone trying to peep on the women bathing! Ebisu attacks, but it doesn't go quite as planned. Naruto then demands that the stranger become his teacher instead, but he's going to need some convincing. Does Naruto have any special Jutsu for this situation?

Runtime: 25 minutes
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 220
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Drama
Keywords: Friendship, Martial Arts, Hero, Village, Training, Rivalry, Friends, Ninja, Orphan, Based On Manga, Fighting, Super Power, Tragic Past, Team, Saving Lives, Dead Parents, Angst, Warrior, Japanese Mythology, Ninja Warrior, Shounen, Anime, Naruto, Following Dream
Actors: Junko Takeuchi, Noriaki Sugiyama, Chie Nakamura, Kazuhiko Inoue, Hidekatsu Shibata, Kōichi Tōchika